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Male Llamas For Sale

Born: 3-5-13
Color: Suri - Paint
Sire: "Smokin Ringos" 240115
Dam: "RLC L'Oreal" 240071

Unusal colors in this beautiful boy. Very correct in every way. Show quality, you bet or just have fun with him on your farm. Nice, nice male.
"Shimmer Tapa"

Silver-gray Suri Male
Born: 10-9-2012
Sire: "Peruvian Graystone" LL-R273465
Dam: "Copper Tapa" LL-R263576-USA

Stunning, eye catching male. Everything you could ask for, from color, bloodlines & personality.
His dam, "Copper Tapa" is a reverse red/black suri female with bangs. Wayyyy beautiful! Come see!


"Smokin Fire Ball"

Born: 10-18-12
Sire: "Smokin Ringos" (black & white appy)
("Smokin Gun son)
Dam: :"Utapia" ( red & white appy, suri fleece)
"Utapia" placed 9th in World Futurity
Peruvian Greystone BR22"

This color doesn't come along very often. He can jump start your herd with his multi-colors of intense grey. Strong confirmation in this young suri, suri male! "Peruvian Visteon" is his sire.
Date of birth 8-18-2007. For more pictures or information, please contact me at: Thanks.
"Perfect Storm"

Three and a half year old Suri Male
Tall, long neck
White, black & splash of brown
Born: 9-22-09
Sire: "DDLR Locksley", a GNLC "Dom" son
Dam: "Bitter Creek's Butterscotch Swirl"
("Locksley" is a GNLC Dom son)
("Butterscotch is a "FFF Beso" daughter)

This is the first time I have offered "Stormy" for sale. He is now breeding age & ready to start a new job for you. He is tall & stretchy with a long beautiful neck. Great paint colors, gray, black, white & tan. He's the "man" if your looking for someone special for your girls. Confirmation perfect. I have been keeping this boy a secret weapon! He's hot, hot, hot!

"Tapa Gun's Black Ice"

This outstanding male is a true black & white knock-out!
Don't see too many like this guy! His sire & dam are two of our very best - "Tapa Gun" & "DDLR Pavlova". Suri, suri, suri.
Tapa Gun is an "FFF Tapa De Seda" & "Sweet Roll gray suri.
"Pavlova" is a true black "GNLC Starboy" suri daughter. Wow!
No wonder this kid is so nice!!!

White Fabulous Suri Herd Sire
WSL PERUVIAN Y2K Son  (Keno/Maximo PC-l) bloodline - good size


Chilean big boy

Gelded & Halter Broke Guard Llama - priced to sell!

Born: 04-20-2011 
Sire: "DDLR Locksley" (Suri "Dom" son)
Dam:  "Bitter Creek's Butterscotch Swirl"
"McDreamy" spitt'n image of his beautiful sire "Locksley"
Large bone & size on this silky "Dom" grandson.


Gelded & Halter Broke Guard Llama - priced to sell!

Suri Male
Born: 11-02-2010 
Sire: "Alluro" - Milton's fabulous suri boy!
Dam:  "Jamika" - Suri paint (drop-dead gorgeous!)
Color: Silky white suri fleece with splash of red, picture says it all. Total show ring male - Wow! Nice, nice boy! Fleece is unbelieveable!! You have to touch it!


Gelded & Halter Broke Guard Llama - priced to sell!

Born: 5-16-2010  Male
Sire: DDLR Locksley (GNLC Dom)
Dam:  Chilean Classic Cameo Gal (Fuzzmaster)
"Vegas" -  We hit the jack-pot with this winner!  Stunning gray-tan colors with lots of silky sheen. He's got his sires attitude & strut!  Mom's sweet disposition. Confirmation plus.

Born: 5-19-09  Male
White with red head
Sire:  "Corvallis" (white/red Suri, photo on herd-sire page)
Dam:  " Mary Go Round" (fancy white/black appaloosa)
Gentle male. I think he will be a good size boy from his size now. Playful & easy going boy. Broke to lead/trailer trained.


"SLICK TRICK"  - Chilean Suri Male
Born: 4-25-09
Sire:  "FFF Smokin Ringos" (loud black/wh. Appaloosa male)
Dam: "Cookie Dough" - Tight locked suri,  fabulous female!
"Slick" is a light tan/white/brown suri locked young male.
Show quality. All our babies are halter broke & trailer trained.
We strive for beautiful confirmation & fleece, but personality & gentle disposition number one!


Sire: "Smokin' Ringos"

For all you Llama Folks that Loved
"RLL Ripley", Here's a Boy You'll LOVE Too!!!!!
Jet black male with white socks/tuxedo!! 
"RLL Ripley" grandson - "RLL Kissco" Sire.#253385
Born:  10-18-08  with style, class & show-ring attitude.
Dam: "Chilean LaLuna" ILR#258579
This boy has a very calm, self assured temperament & promises great confirmation, bone & fabulous velvet fiber.
All of our babies are halter broke & trailer trained at a very young age.

"Jet Fuel" sire "Kissco" pictured on right.

"First Time Offered"  -  "Tillman's Baja"

"Tillman's Baja"
"Prime Plus One" son,  Dam "Chilena VII Barbona". 
DOB: 6-10-2002. 
Gentle, proven herd sire.
Full Chilean, Lanuda suri fleece.


"Copper Tapa's High Planes Drifter" -
Suri Male
First "Copper Tapa" Cria!!
Born: 10-22-08 - White/Cinnamon Male
Dam: "Copper Tapa", The showy reverse appy suri daughter of
"Tapa De Seda". From Marilyn & Dan Milton's suri program.
"Copper Tapa ILR#263576.
Sire:  "Corvallis", a striking white suri "Peruvian Y2K" son.
ILR#259692.  His son is a very well balanced, correct suri boy!!


"The Lawman" -
Fabulous SURI Paint!!!!
Born 9-17-08 - Suri white/brown paint, male
Dam:  "Cameo" ILR#215053  A "Fuzzmaster" daughter from Star Sapphire Ranch.
Sire:  "Locksley" ILR#269758  A "Dom" son. "Locksley" was Grand Champion Suri Male at Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in September. Also, Reserve Grand Suri Male year before. His son is a large bone, colorful suri paint with tons of potential!!
Full South American
Born: 2-23-08 
Sire: "HCLA Sajama" - "Radical" suri line (see "Sajama" on "sires or studs" page of our website. Full Bolivian.
Dam: "Chilean Tallulah" - Full Chilean
Color:  Tan/grey dilute

SOLD! - Thanks to Heather

"Smokin  Pistolero"
Full Chilean
Born: 5-3-08
Sire:  "Smokin Ringos" ("Smokin Gun" son)
Dam: "Chilean L'Oreal"
Color:  Scream'n appy! (cinnamon/white)
(large bone, heavy wool)
"Aces Wild"
 Full South American Suri Male
Born:  5-3-08
Fleece:  light tan suri
Sire:  "HCLA Sajama" ("Radical" son)
Dam: "Sabrena"(full Chilean Tartan daughter)

Photo courtesy of Jacintha.


"Smokin Bandedo"
(Full Chilean male)
Born:  5-17-06
Sire: "Smokin Ringos"
Dam: "RLC  L'Oreal ("Trafalger" daughter)

Photo courtesy of Jacintha.


If you are a fan of the "Smokin  Gun" line, here's a guy to take a close  look at!! At just one year old, he reeks with presence & perfect confirmation!!. His "dots" are a pale cinnamon & his face is a striking gray & white. This gorgeous appy male will add spice & flash to any program!

(Full Chilean male)
Born:  08/16/2006
Sire: "Tillman's Baja" (pictured on Right)
Dam: "Hola Lola

Are you looking for a long legged, stretchy Chilean male with great confirmation? Look no further - here's your boy! "Patrone " is the product of two of our very best Chileans, "Hola Lola" who we purchased from Bon & Cindy Burgess at their dispersal sale. She consistently has large, stretchy kids! Even though Patrone was born one month early, he weighed an impressive 23 lbs. And his sire is "Tillman's Baja", a flashy, spectacular male.

SOLD! Thank you Stephanie.

"Peruvian Voldemort's Fabio"

(full South American)   Male

Born: 9-9-05

Dam: "Amorio's Ramona" (full Chilean)
Sire:  "Peruvian Voldemort" (full Peruvian)
        ("Kantu" son)
SOLD! Thank you to John!
"Jump'n Jack Flash"

Full Chilean Male

Born:  May 27, 2005

Dam: "Hola Lola"
Sire: "LW Vichyssoise"
SOLD! - Thanks to Lynn.
"Prancero's Taj"

100% full Chilean!!

Born: 4-20-05

Color: grayish black with carmel patches on both cheeks.

SOLD! - Thank you, Sarah.

Full Chilean male:  "Jagger" (as in Mick)

Born: 3-25-05

Color:  Appy

Dam: "Chilean Rumba"

Sire:  "Fonzy" (Chilean)
SOLD! Thank you to John!


Sire: Fonzy (Chilean Import)

Dam:  Jessica Jane

Born: June 5, 2004

SOLD! Thank you to Jennifer!

Chilean male llama

Happy Hour


Thank you, Sarah.

promise for the show ring & is definitely stud quality.

Chilean male llama

Chilean Cruiser


Thank you, Sarah.

Chilean llama for sale



Thank you to Roxanne Weidman.

Llama for Sale


(Full Chilean Llama)

Sire: Fonzy

Dam:  Rumba

Born: June 20, 2001

SOLD! Thanks to Jacintha!


We also have gelding llamas and pet quality male llamas available.

Don't forget to check out our Female Llamas for Sale page!

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